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Activities and Services

In the left column you'll find all categories. Send us a mail if you think you can use our services for your music project, or for more info on our services in music production.



Larger Than Life Productions have started in 2006 with the recording of Steve Merlin's first studio album. Besides the Merlin-albums we have recorded cds for the band Stip (children's songs) and for various other acoustic and electric music projects.

As you can see on the left, we are involved in all aspects of the recording of an album, from songwriting and demo recording to mastering of the final mixes, and sleeve design.


Steve Merlin: Closer To The Moon

Steve Merlin: Between Air & Wing

Steve Merlin: Crash Course For Earth

Stip: Drie Kleine Visjes

Stip: Pepernoten & Pindakaas



Click on any of the album sleeves above, and visit the websites on which you can order the albums. On these, and via you can listen to album tracks and read most of the lyrics.


About LTL Productions

"When the recording process of my first album 'Closer To The Moon', after about five years of trial-and-error began to grow into a structure, and my collection of recording, track edit and mixing skills reached an acceptable level, I could for the first time name this process 'music production'. In the course of years my experience grew, more or less together with the quality of my recording and monitoring equipment.

Since 1993 I also give private guitar lessons, and in the outdoor-department of Larger Than Life I built up experience in teamtrainings and in working with very diverse groups. In the combination of both activities, music and outdoor, the idea originated to offer my services in music production to fellow musicians and other artists. Interested? Send an e-mail!"


Steve Merlin, April 2017





songwriting support & advice





chords & melodies,

sound shaping

 Demo Recording




recording of demo tracks with vocals, guitar, and/or keys

 Album Recording




recording of album tracks with vocals, guitar, and/or keys





track- & sound editing





32-bit multitrack mixing





32-bit stereo mastering





digital recording of analogue soundcarriers

 Sleeve Design & Layout




sleeve design, layout of text

& artwork

 Production & Advice





logistics & technical advice

on cd-production

 Performances & Gigs





Steve Merlin Band bookings

live party & campfire guitar music

 Support Service





Studio- & live performance Steve Merlin on vocals, guitar and/or bass guitar



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